Seedling is a brand of toys and gifts for children from New Zealand that creates inspirational products which give the opportunity for ideas and curiosity to grow. Their products are centred on providing great quality tools and materials as a foundation which enable Seedling games to be an experience to remember! Their kits are not entirely painted giving an open-ended invitation to a great experience, encouraging children to think creatively, ask questions and gain life skills. Seedling play kits are tested by kids, today kids and their joy and happiness. Children love Seedling gammes which allow them to create new worlds using their unstoppable imagination.

In the Lausanne store Petit Toi and on our online shop,  you will find different kits from the Seedling brand: bird, super hero mask, dragon, bunny mask, princess mask, majestic mermaid wand, pirate hat, butterfly mask and crown.

seedling jeu enfant dragon seedling kit pirate chapeau

kit seedling jeu enfant baguette sirene