Mr Maria

Mr Maria aims to create eye-catching products for children of all ages. Mr Maria is a Dutch design studio based in Amsterdam which is focusing on creating original and lively characters we want to integrate playfully in our child’s room or even in adult contemporary design home. It is with an artistic and completely open-minded view that Mr Maria creates nightlamps for kids. Shaping clouds into pure, clean and warm creations is the Mr Maria studio main goal as designers. Their motto: “We don’t make products, we create stars”.


You must have already seen Mr Maria first character which is Miffy the little bunny. It is the Dutch artist Dick Bruna who created Miffy the bunny when she was telling her son stories about a bunny her kid had seen during some holidays. Miffy (also pronounced as ‘nijntje’ in Dutch) was born. We cannot stay unemotional before Miffy. This nightlamp can intregate well in your kid’s room.

The Miffy nightlamp from Mr Maria brand is available in various sizes and colors. You can discover in real life the various sizes and types of Miffy lamps at the child’s room decoration shop Petit Toi in Lausanne.


In the same nightlamp collection, Mr Maria created the bear Mr Brown as a nightlamp for your kid’s room. Brown the bear is a bit timid and his expression quite hard to read. We love Brown’s little face which is quite funny but whenever someone needs a hand, Brown the bear is there for your child, just like a true best friend. We are as well listening to your needs in our Lausanne shop if you need a decoration service for your baby’s room decoration (furniture, decoration,…).

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