Londji is not only a beautiful fishing village in Cameroon but it is also a project focused around art, toys and games. Since 2004, the designers have been focused on searching for traditional toys and games which may have been forgotten. Step by step, they have recreated them with their own mix of design, resulting in the launch of their own creations. Londji has continued its journey in developing thanks to teamwork and a mix of ingredients like enthusiasm, innovation and imagination. Londji: original toys for children from 3 to 103 years “Made in Barcelona, Spain”. Read more


NOBODINOZ DESIGN BARCELONA created its first line of products of decoration and fashion in 2011 and expanded its offer adding lines of toys and furniture over the following years. The brand offers original products by creating its own models, choosing colors and patterns while mixing retro and contemporary styles with minimalist and pure designs. Read more


Ekobo est une entreprise éco-citoyenne qui conçoit des objets contemporains à partir d’une ressource naturelle renouvelable : le bambou. BIOBU est la ligne spécialisée pour les enfants.
Leur objectif, en associant design et savoir-faire traditionnel, est de développer une activité durable pour les communautés artisanales, les filières éco-industrielles et encourager un mode de consommation écologiquement responsable.
Ekobo propose désormais plus de 350 références écologiques, équitables et esthétiques à utiliser dans tous les univers de la maison. Read more